Cape Town Action Sports and Adventure Activities

Cape Town can easily be called the Action and Adventure Sport Mecca of the world. Here in the Cape, mountain, sea, sky and land are configured in such abundant variations that there are very few activities that cannot be enjoyed in the region – except for snow skiing. Locations that allow skiing on snow is a scarce “action sport commodity” in Sunny South Africa, only available in the mountains of Lesotho and Kwa-Zulu Natal for limited times during the Southern Hemisphere’s Winter months. Cape Town has ice skating though, but that is indoors at the Ice Rink of the Grand West Casino complex in Goodwood, about 20 minutes from the City Centre. See more Cape Town Ice Rink info here

So, here in Cape Town Action Sports and Adventure Activities are mostly about enjoying the great outdoors and a moderate climate.

Soar over the Skyline of famous Cape Town

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Nothing beats the feeling of free open flight, especially with Cape Town, one of the world's most recognised cities as a backdrop!

 Here is a list of a some of our favourite Action and Adventure experiences:

 Hiking Table Mountain and the Hiking trails of the Cape Peninsula.

The striking views and natural wonders of the Table Mountain National Park can be enjoyed completely free of charge along most of the many trails that criss cross this very special part of the world.
You can read more about Table Mountain here
Wikipedia has some great info on Table Mountain Park have a look here

 Paragliding and Tandem Paragliding

One of the greatest experiences one can have for the very first time, most certainly includes the feeling of flying like a bird – quietly floating over the landscape, peering down on the miniature houses, roads and people below. For the uninitiated flyer, this is entirely possible when taking to the skies along with a well trained tandem paragliding pilot. A couple of companies operate around the Lions Head and Signal Hill area.
Check out one of the best options here:
For professional personal attention, you can call Grant 082-418251111 
or visit www.hi5paragliding.co.za  or  www.paraglidingcapetown.com

 Adrenaline Activities

Cape Town and surrounds offer a huge variety of gravity driven sports opportunities. Imagine zipping downhill, riding a mountainous dune of sand on a state of the art sand-board – or you may be racing a mountain-bike downhill with your group on one of the many spectacular drop-off and go mountain biking trails against the slopes of Table Mountain, or around the Cape Peninsula. Then again it may be skydiving that has you gripped in a state of free falling euphoria, or perhaps a zip sliding adventure, shuttling you along an elevated route of steel cable pulley slides, all amongst the most stunning scenery and views, and if that’s not to your taste perhaps you will choose bungy jumping, or paragliding, or abseiling down the side of Table Mountain. The list of adrenaline and adventure experiences goes on and on, because Cape Town is probably one of the cities with the greatest variety of action activities to choose from. Many operators also offer same day and extended training for those who are attempting challenging activities for the very first time. For more on Adrenaline and adventure experiences, checkout these guys > http://www.downhilladventures.com/

 Oceanic and Water Sport Activities

Cape Town is a harbour city, so it is no stranger of course, to the world of water sports and sea bound adventure. Pleasure cruises, whale and shark viewing trips, shark cage diving, surfing, sea kayaking and river canoeing are but a few of the water based activities on offer around Cape Town and the region. For those who would like to explore what lies beneath the surface, there are excellent snorkeling and scuba diving spots. If you wish to be propelled along the surface of the water instead, and you are an initiate with the will to persist and learn, a great activity to try is kite surfing. Cape Town has ample adequately windy days, especially during the local summer holiday months, presenting wind driven sports like sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing with a great location. A great activity through which to develop a feel for the Cape Town watersports scene is paddle boarding, which can develop into paddle surfing once more skill has been acquired. Another favourite Cape Town water bound adventure opportunity is sea kayaking. Whales and dolphins are often spotted and the scenic beauty of the mountains and coastline are breathtaking. For all your kayak equipment and guided tours needs, have a look at this website > http://kayak.co.za/

More general watersports and oceanic activity info here > http://www.capetownmagazine.com/on-the-water/42

Enjoy your Cape Town Action Sports and Adventure Activities with Bayview House in the Mother City

Whale Watching in Cape Town

Great Spots for Whale Watching in Cape Town

If you happen to find yourself in, or around Cape Town between June and November, do make sure to look out for Whales! Contrary to what many may think, whale watching in Cape Town can be pursued just around the corner from Mother City. Southern Right Whales visit the bays of the Cape, from the West Coast, down and around to Cape Town’s Table Bay and False Bay and all the way to East London. The Southern Right Whales visit these southern shores of the Cape to enjoy the protection of the many bays and calmer sections of water to give birth and nurse their young.

Whale Watching in Cape Town is Great

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A Southern Right Whale's tail elegantly breaks the surface, briefly revealing some of the splendour of this mysterious creature.

Whales can very often be spotted from land around Table Bay and False Bay for instance, just a few kilometers from the Cape Town city centre.  This allows visitors to take prize photos and great stories home about their adventures whilst whale watching in Cape Town. 

Whale Watching in Hermanus near Cape Town

Hermanus, about an hour and a half’s drive from Cape Town is arguably the best spot for land based whale watching on the globe. A major part of Hermanus and surrounding region’s economy, relies on the “Whale Watching Trade”.  With Hermanus businesses and services always ready and keen for the tourist influx during the whale watching season, it is certain that you will not be disappointed.

At one of the prime spots near the town centre of Hermanus, whales can be seen from land, just a few meters away, performing their antics. Often a cow and a calf appears, a lazy adolescent splashes her huge tail on the surface and then … a huge bull appears from nowhere and launches into the sky crashing down from a massive breaching manoeuvre …. and all the while the tourist camera’s capture one prize winning picture after another! Whale watchers can take advantage of the great views facilitated by the elevated rock formations all along the coastline and a paved trail, the “Cliff Path” hugs the coastline all around town. A good section of the Cliff Path between the Marine Hotel and Village Square is 100% wheelchair friendly! Many boat trips depart from Hermanus, allowing stunningly intimate whale watching experiences that are rarely forgotten.

Whale Watching Links

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These Cape Town based operators facilitate Whale Watching in Cape Town

For those who come to enjoy the many wonders of the Cape, like whale watching in Cape Town, Bayview House offers an excellent choice of accommodation options.  Stunning rooms, 360 degree views of the mountains, City Bowl and Table By, great architecture and top class facilities makes Bayview House the regular choice of discerning travellers.